Writing doesn’t

have to be so hard.


Get into Your Writing Groove:

4 Secrets to Mastering Momentum

One-Hour Workshop with Sascha Brown Rice

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Ignite inspiration, demystify the process, and move forward with confidence and clarity.


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  • Sunday, March 19th - 11:00 AM (Pacific)

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Go from frustration to flow,

from grind to grace,

from dreaming to drafting. 

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Sascha Brown

"For inspiration, while I worked on my treatment, I participated in Sascha’s workshops and engaged in fun, thought-inspiring exercises that left me feeling focused and centered. Sascha provided much-needed structure, helping me outline a framework and timeline for my project while encouraging the creative process. ” 

Pamela, Mother/Lawyer

Master momentum and get back into your writing groove. 

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Your story is important. Your voice matters. 

Join Sascha for this live workshop and start building a successful writing practice. 


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